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High Gardens


High Gardens


High Gardens Eastwood is a 10 floor development located in Eastwood, NSW. The Hoyne team was appointed to develop a brand identity and subsequent marketing roll-out backed with strong strategy and vision. Here is a summary of the design process taken from concept to execution.


Creative Director: Matt Barrat
Senior Designer: Nerida Orsatti
Designer: Tina Lee
Web development: Rachel
Photography: Tina Lee & Jason Loucas

Business objective

Pre-sell apartment units to potential buyers

Design objective

Create a brand identity that communicated the key messages to potential buyers.

Research Findings

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Understanding the buyer

Anticipated Target Audience

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Key Messages

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Naming Exploration

Naming exploration was done as a team to brainstorm naming combinations for the new development.

Design Development

 (Above: Website Sitemap)

(Above: Website Sitemap)

 (Above: Website landing page design)

(Above: Website landing page design)

Print Brochure Design

No More Ugly camera bags

Branding, eCommerce, web banners,
marketing collateral, ebook design

No More Ugly camera bags

Branding, eCommerce, web banners,
marketing collateral, ebook design


No More Ugly is a business I created out of my own frustration for the lack of camera bags in the Australian market that were both stylish in design and affordable.


Founded in 2013, No More Ugly now has customers from all around the world; from the Netherlands to New Zealand. My mission was to rid the world of ugly one thing at a time, starting with camera bags. The business prides itself on offering limited designs that are simple and sophisticated, made with the everyday modern creative in mind. From concept to implementation, here’s a look into my business and design process in creating No More Ugly.



The camera accessories market was dominated by big brands like Canon, Lowepro and Thinktank. The challenge was to create a boutique brand that changed the traditional perception of camera accessories and the way you travel with your camera. We needed to differentiate ourselves from larger brands and gain the trust of new customers.

Market Problem/Gap

  1. There is a gap in the market for stylish, affordable camera bags.

  2. Stylish camera bags are too expensive.

  3. There’s not enough choice for stylish camera bags.

  4. Traditional camera bags look touristy.

Customer Personas


The Vision

My vision was to design something that was minimalist, sophisticated, didn’t look like a camera bag and can be worn with any outfit. I wanted to source PU leather which environmental standards because it was more affordable for the customer and can elevate the product. At the time there were very few leather camera backpacks in the market.


Where are the bags made?


I got in contact with three factories in China and set up meetings with them. I visited Guangzhou in 2017 and decided to work with Gioddy bag factory.

The next 6 months included back and forth communication and 3 rounds of samples. I conducted user testing for each round of samples on three individuals that fit my customer persona. They were given a bag each to test for a week and give feedback on the design and functionality on it. Quality was an important factor as camera gear was expensive and required durable material and structure for maximum protection. The inserts had to be sturdy enough and I wanted to structure of the bag to be able to stand up on its own but not detract from the sleek and sophisticated look of the bag.

I sampled 4 colour ways and decided on two colours for production. I wanted to keep the colour ways and product styles streamlined so I can receive initial feedback from the market and keep logistics and warehousing costs low.

Brand Strategy

I created this brand with a mission to rid the world of ugly one thing at a time. The meaning of ‘ugly’ goes beyond an aesthetic meaning. The true purpose is to enable the freedom to create and do meaningful work, to empower creatives to do what they love and eliminate the ‘ugly’ in life (which can be interpreted differently for everyone).

One way we do this is by creating well designed products that support the everyday creative.




Bringing the vision to life


Photographer: Tina Lee
Models: @vanillachristy, @tianmacleodji
Stylist: @carlo_carlo
MUAH: @shensapphire

DESIGNING the shopping experience


Website design:

Integrated tools:




Google Analytics

Social Media Campaigns


CAN Circular Design be integrated into the business?

A vision of mine is to integrate Circular Design practices into the business similar to Patagonia. This could be done through offering lifetime repairs and sourcing recycled materials that are durable and long lasting.

A goal of mine is for the brand to support the everyday creative with accessories that look good and do good.

If you have any questions or want to find out more, contact me at tina@tg-lee.com.

NSS April 2014-0949.jpg

Nut So Sweet

Branding, logo design, photography,
business cards, web design

Nut So Sweet

Branding, logo design, photography,
business cards, web design

Branding and photography for raw foods brand Nut So Sweet designed to entice the audience with refined-sugar free desserts.