Get Good


Get Good is a series of videos that educates users on a certain fitness skill. The idea is to deliver the classes in an interesting and engaging way, in a series of ten videos. My client - Jason Gulati created an exercise product Baseblocks which was funded on Kickstarter after 4 hours. The video series are designed to compliment the Baseblock.

The purpose is to diversify the business to increase longevity of the brand and lifetime value of the customer.


The challenge was to create a paid video series that offered value to existing and new customers, whether they owned the Baseblock or not.

Using the Google Design Sprint Method

I decided to use the Google Design Sprint method to workshop this product with my client so we can come up with a testable prototype and solution that isn’t based on assumptions. My experience with wanting to make quick business and design decisions is we end up basing actions on assumptions that may not actually work for the user. This will allow us to accelerate the product for launch and learn what’s working and what’s not more quickly.

Day 1: Map out the problem + pick an important place to focus

Day 2: Sketch competing solutions on paper

Day 3: Make difficult decisions and turn ideas into testable hypothesis

Day 4: High fidelity prototype

Day 5: Test with live humans

Day 1


On Day 1, we established the long term goal, and the main challenge of this venture. We wrote down a list of sprint questions and created a map of the customer journey with the end goal being the purchase of the handstand program.

We established the Long Term 6 month goal to be:
Get 5000 users to purchase the Handstand video series

The challenge becomes - “How do we get users to pay to watch the handstand series?”

We wrote down ‘How Might We’ notes to reframe the problem into opportunities. “How might we make users feel confident to purchase handstand videos?” We concluded that the landing page was to be the focus of the challenge and creating an effective landing page to communicate the value of the product was paramount to attracting users.

Day 2:

To be continued…